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101 Chambers Review - 1263 Words

James Taylor 10/15/12 State and Local Government Review of 101 Chambers written by Peverill Squire and Keith E. Hamm Squire and Hamm begin their writings with introducing the reader to the historical lineage of American legislatures and their evolution from colonial days to the modern government. The colonial institutions have greatly influenced the design of the new Congress under the Constitution (Squire and Hamm 34). The bicameral system had its originations in colonial governments and the original colonial constitutions had a large impact on the future constitutions. The bicameral legislation structure that is now common in the United States began in the colonial era. The original colonies has systems that greatly resembled†¦show more content†¦Squire and Hamm discussed how the modern day legislatures in the United States come from common ancestors and the evolution from the unicameral system to the bicameral. The authors also show how the idea of institutional diffusion occurred with one state beginning to form a cons titution and structure, then others following suit soon after in most cases. Member service longevity is not a trend that can be easily compared among states due to conflicting constitutional laws and the ability to move into higher elective offices. When comparing state governments to Congress, the states have a higher turnover rate because there are two sources of turnover that the Congress does not have to deal with. One is that certain state chambers are described as springboard states, where the representatives have a better chance of gaining a higher elected office than other states do. When the legislator has a chance to rise in the government there tends to be a higher turnover rate. These legislators also tend to be more responsive to constituents on policy preferences than are legislators in other sorts of chambers (Maestas 2000). Term limits also play a large role in the turnover rates in state governments compared to that of Congress rates. States that have term limit s seem to have higher rates due to the fact that legislators in term-limited legislatures are less obliged to focus on theirShow MoreRelatedEncno-Tarzana Community Program Essay818 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Encino-Tarzana Community Plan and upcoming workshops for each neighborhood and Q and A session. Approximately 100 people were present throughout the evenings. †¢ Encino and Tarzana Community Plan Update workshops: Two workshops were held to review and participate in shaping land use recommendations affecting the neighborhoods. The workshops were a vital component in the DCP’s engagement with the community on the long range vision for the management of growth and improvement of quality of lifeRead MoreBetrayal Like Its 1984 Essay1441 Words   |  6 Pagesdeception practice the Party used to make its citizens adhere to its ideologies is the use of Room 101. The main purpose of Room 101 is to incite fear and isolation. It is used to make one’s worst fears and nightmares a reality. It is a torture chamber that is ironically located in the Ministry of Love. Alicia Chudo, professor at Northwestern University, writes, â€Å"The ultimate torture of ‘Room 101’ –which is ‘the worst thing in the world’ – differs from person to person. It is whatever each personRead MoreAnalysis of Night and Fog Essay1272 Words   |  6 Pagesobservational mode also known as direct cinema; the interactive where the filmmakers’ presence is apparent; the reflexive that takes on the process of representation; and finally the expository mode where the film takes on commentary or narration (101). The disembodied voice that acts as the eyes of the camera speaks directly to the viewer (Wilson, 2011), illuminates and gives historical meaning to the images on the screen demonstrating that Night and Fog was made in the expository form. PlantignaRead MoreUnicameral and Bicameral Legislatures2137 Words   |  9 Pagesstructure of every nations varies thus, there exist no simple generalization. The structural arrangements of different legislatures are distinct in relation to their number of chambers available. (Danziger, J. N. (1996)) Unicameralism Smaller nations and most parliaments follow unicameralism which consists of a single chamber. For example, New Zealand, Nordic countries such as Denmark, Iceland and Finland are unicamerals as well. [Arter 1984, 16-22 and Damgard 1992 ](Patterson, S. C., Mughan, ARead MoreSenate Reform2136 Words   |  9 PagesWestminster-based parliamentary chambers to remain unreformed.[4] The fact that the 2009 Senate continues to operate in a fashion accepted in an 1867 democracy is worth discussion. There have been several attempts at Senate reform within the past quarter-century, none which have been implemented.[5] As it stands, the Canadian Senate is obsolete, and should reform to the â€Å"Triple E Senate† model to re-establish its constitutional requirement to act as Canada’s chamber of ‘sober second thought’. ThisRead MoreRole Of Internal Audit On The Organization Outside The Finance Department1121 Words   |  5 Pagescompany’s operations by carrying out one or more activities listed below: †¢ Review internal controls such as policies and procedure to ensure they are working as intended. †¢ Identifying potential areas of risks and recommending ways of managing them. For example if a new project is being undertaken, the IA can help to make sure that project risks are clearly identified and controls are put in place to manage them. †¢ Review whether organization and those charged with governance are demonstrating bestRead MoreThe U. S. Constitution1506 Words   |  7 PagesMadison Liberty Dr. Overton Politics 101 3-24-17 Mid-Term Exam Topic #2. Explain the major points of contention in the writing of the U. S. Constitution. The During the Philadelphia convention in 1787, debates broke out over representation in Congress, the new executive branch, and slavery(costly). After 4 months of this the constitution was written. While writing the constitution the major point of contention was the structure of the new legislative branch. The larger states wanted to go withRead MoreA Letter Regarding the Shortage of Skilled Employees1803 Words   |  7 Pagesinvestments and as well, productivity (Julia Gilliard, 2011). So getting and retaining skilled workers has led to a scramble for the few ones around because of high demand (Byrant Jaworski, 2011). This is an issue that demands instant attention (Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, 2011) It is no longer news that shortage of skilled employees is cutting across many sectors of Australian companies, although some sectors are more affected than the others. There are a number of reasonsRead MoreA Brief Summary of Milgrams Seminal Research on Obedience to Authority1016 Words   |  5 Pagesbehavior of â€Å"normal† people (Dà ¶rner and Gà ¼ss, 2011). According to Zimbardo and Gerrig, 1999, p. 793 (as cited in Mastroianni, 2002, p. 159) explained â€Å"what made thousands of Nazis willing to follow Hitler’s orders and send millions of Jews to the gas chambers? Milgram’s research showed that the blind obedience of Nazis during World War II was the outcome of situational forces that could engulf anyone.† The aims and objectives of this paper is to provide a brief summary of Milgrams seminal researchRead MoreDignity in Care2473 Words   |  10 Pageshave done research into dignity and reflect upon my own practice, and how it may change or enhance my future nursing care. Len Chambers is an elderly gentleman in your care. He is not confused or disorientated but is anxious, hard of hearing and physically frail, needing assistance to walk. The doctor has just finished the consultation and tells you that â€Å"Mr. Chambers needs to go to the toilet†. There is a smell of faeces, Mr. Chamber’s trousers and shoes are wet with urine, and he appears agitated

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